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The current page aims at collecting useful resources for web development by categories, where each category is available as RSS Feed as well.
If you feel something is missing or does not belong here, please share Your opinion in the blog.

PHP Resources

19.11.2011 00:11 EET - the ultimate PHP resource

JSON Resources

The Official JSON website
19.11.2011 14:05 EET
Tutorials, libraries and documentation for JSON

CSS Resources

CSS3 @
06.12.2011 15:27 EET
Description and examples of various css3 features, selector test for your browser.
CSS Tutorial @
15.11.2011 19:08 EET
CSS basics from

Javascript Resources

Advanced Javascript
25.01.2012 15:19 EET
from the creator of jQuery library - John Resig
Javascript functions @
02.12.2011 11:53 EET
Javascript functions in details
Javascript scope and closures @ Robert's talk
02.12.2011 10:38 EET
Javascript function scope and closures, as well as the infamous loop problem and the module pattern
Functions and function scope
19.11.2011 14:57 EET
Mozilla Developer Network - Functions and function scope
Javascript Tutorial @
19.11.2011 12:47 EET
Learn Javascript basics at
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